Is an aftermarket cpu cooler necessary?

I was wondering if an aftermarket cpu cooler is necessary. This will be my first gaming pc build, so I'm not ready to overclock as it seems complicated and I don't want to risk it at the moment. I might overclock in the future but I most likely won't. Is it necessary then to get an aftermarket cpu cooler. I heard that the stock amd coolers are bad so I was worried that it will reduce the lifespan of the cpu(as I plan to keep this for a long time). Should I keep the aftermarket cpu cooler or should I put that money into a better case or ssd.
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  1. For the money, you can't go wrong with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. They are only $20-$35, and will cool your CPU considerably better than a stock cooler. Its worth the little bit of extra money to get an after market cooler. Just make sure if you get one that it will fit into your case.
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    While not absolutely necessary to buy an aftermarket CPU cooler for your new gaming rig, it's usually advisable. With the importance of good cooling for best performance and longevity of your CPU (which a well researched CPU cooler will generally provide for little extra expenditure), it will never be an easier time than when you're building your system to include the aftermarket cooler in place of the boxed cooler. If money is an issue and you're not playing games that heavily tax your system, you can certainly wait until later when you're a little more flush with money (generally you're seeing a lot of money going outbound when you're assembling your parts for a new system, I know I do). Just an FYI, it can definitely help in changing out a CPU cooler later on if you select a case in which there is an opening (you can call it an access window) in the motherboard tray which will make it much easier to switch out coolers without having to remove the motherboard once installed...just an FYI if you're still planning).
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