Computer worked fine. Shutdown, then some weird things happened, won't turn on now.

I have just built a new computer.

Amd fx 6350 - cooler master hyper 212 evo
Msi 970a g46
2 x 4gb Kingston ram
GeForce galaxy 620
500 cx corsair power supply

I had built it and i was in the process of getting things downloaded cause I had just finished the installation of windows vista 64bit. I ran the installations over night and when I woke up I decided to give my PC a break and cool down. I shut it down, maybe 20 minutes later I turned it back on and after the first white text appeared (loading the gpu) and after the motherboard showed its little image, the screen stayed black except for a little white underscore in the top left blinking on and off. I looked up the situation on another forum, they said there should be some stuff in the bios to look at. I went in to bios and sure enough, my cd/DVD rom was set to first boot priority from downloading the os. I switch it back to third. The computer still doesn't boot up... So I reset the computer. Turn it back on. Seeing if I could get into bios again, I can't!!! My keyboard lights up the first second of start but then shuts off, therefor not allowing me to press the key entering me into bios. I tried a few more times. Still not working. Some reviews said it could be a hdd problem so I think I might have fried my hdd. I open up the case. Re plug some things, disconnect the hard drive and turn on the computer to see if it recognizes it's missing the hdd. It doesn't turn on. So I plugged it back in... Still nothing. I plug everything back in. The cords, and USB stuff like mouse just to be sure. And now the computer doesn't even turn on... I'm screwed. Any replies / answers on what happened and how I can fix it would be great. Thanks guys :/
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  1. I had to download vista cause it was what I could get for free. If you can't answer legit please dont
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