I need OC guide for FX-6300 on Gigabyte Motherboard

So recently my Hyper 212 came in the mail lately and went ahead and installed it, after a bit of hassle. the cooler finally decides to sit in its cage, I went online and looked for guides for overclocking but found none with my motherboard. Every motherboard is different and wanted to be very cautious. When I first attempted to overclock to 21.5x, it failed miserably with the motherboard screeching continuously. After a BIOS reset, I decided to come to you guys for help. I am new to overclocking.

Here are my specs

GA-78LMT-USB3 mobo
8GB 1600mhz performance RAM
CX600 watt bronze PSU
CM Hyper 212 cooler

edit: what is the most Ghz I can milk from these specs? I'm hoping at least a 4.5
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  1. Did you turn off Turbo while OC'ing?
    I've never heard a MB screech.
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  3. Did you get the OC to work?
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