I have a generic windows 7 64 bit DVD and need to know how to wipe my personal laptop that has no media to reinstall windows

I bought this Toshiba Satellite C655D s5515 used an I've tried every action I know holding 0 while tapping start button till beep/screen appears to put back out of box stock, but there is no option for restore like others I've saw. Have tried that procedure and hitting F8 afterwards to boot into safe mode then recover or clean install it but I have no media to do that with. I simply want it put back as is without my info so I can trade it.

Do I have any options? Thank you for help
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    If you have a windows install DVD, you could insert it, reboot, and try hitting F12 to pull up a one-time boot menu. That'd let you boot into the Windows 7 DVD, which has utilities you can only use on boot to format/repartition drives.
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