Motherboarded! AsRock z97x Fatality Killer vs Extreme4 vs Asus z97 a


I'm stuck. Decide for me. What mobo is best for this setup:

Core i5 4690k, 2x4gb 1600 ram, saphhire r9 290 (or gtx 880 if I can wait), CM Haf 932 case

This will be used for gaming, streaming and blu ray movies.

I'm going to only do a mild overclock, if at all. Is the 12 phase volt regulator needed in the extreme4?

I want good sound (7.1), easy setup, and good reliability. Ultimately I probably prefer the red color scheme on the AsRock z97x...altough that doesn't really matter.

The ASrock's seem to offer a slight bit more for the money, but will I really be missing anything from going for the Asus?
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  1. Go with the ASRock Extreme 4.
  2. Karsten75 said:
    Go with the ASRock Extreme 4.

    Why? Elaborate, please.
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