Seagate External HDD Stopped Working

I have a Seagate HDD, and suddenly one day it stopped working. I clearly can't hear it spinning and also the power light is off. But one time, I connected and after 10 minutes it turned on, but the next time I booted my pc, it stopped. I tried it in 4 different computers and still the same. Any ideas besides try new cables? Seagate has a crappy support in my country...
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  1. Hi

    Is this a 2.5" or 3.5" hard disk

    If 3.5" check the power supply is working

    If 2.5" see if pushing up or down on cable next to USB socket where it goes into drive has any affect
    If it makes it work shows problem with socket connection to circuit board.

    Many WD & Seagate USB drives have USB to sata bridge chip on the main hard drive circuit board making repairs difficult.

    If there is a seperate USB to sata bridge circuit board with sata data and power connectors then this can be replaced with a new USB tray

    This assumes the hard drive is ok

    Mike Barnes
  2. I tried new power cable and usb cable but nothing seems to work. Also in the Device Manager the disk doesn't show up.
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