Gigabyte B75m d3v fit on bitfenix prodigy?

So I got a gigabyte b75m d3v mobo does it fit In prodigy?
If yes is there any high end CPU fit my mobo which will not bottleneck with gtx800 series card?
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  1. No it will not fit. The mobo is a mATX form factor, while the Prodigy is mITX form factor case.


    So, you will either have to find a smaller (mITX) mobo or a bigger case, that can fit mATX motherboards.
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    In addition to what radiovan said - there is a mATX Prodigy (Prodigy M) which would fit your motherboard however I would strongly advise against using this case for any build as it has a really poor internal layout unlike the standard itx Prodigy which is excellent.

    Your motherboard will take any 2000 or 3000 series Intel CPU, but these are increasingly hard to come by at sensible prices. Given the low cost of this board, it might be worth starting from scratch.
    Don't worry about bottlenecking anything - bottlenecking is nonsense. In every computer there will be a weakest component, but how this responds to software is massively variable. You could have a low end dual core Pentium paired with a GTX780Ti, but on a graphically intense/CPU light game you'd still probably be held back more by the performance of your graphics card than by your CPU.
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