Serious problem with my sound. Can't change to default device!


GPU: GeForce GTX 660Ti
CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 @3.60GHz
Memory: 8GB Ram

So I'm having a problem with changing my headphones to my Default Device for sound.
I have a AOC monitor that doesn't play sound. But I have a Insignia 32" TV that does.
(I use to be able to switch, now I don't know what happened)
Anyway, I have Astros A40 Headset. I have that plugged in through the MixAmp and then that is plugged into my desktop via usb and optical.
When I go to the bottom right corner and right click on the speaker then hitting "Playback Devices" it shows:
(ASTRO Gaming USB MixAmp)
(Default Communication Device)

-Digital Audio (S/PDIF)
(High Definition Audio Device)

-Digital Audio (S/PDIF)
(High Definition Audio Device)

(NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
(Default Device)
So the Default device is my TV but I want it to play through my headphones.
When I right click my speakers (Which is my headphones) and then click "Set As Default Device" It doesn't do anything. I can't even set the TV to Default Communication Device.
I use to change them but now I can't.
So the "Green Check Mark" is always next to the tv icon and not my headphones.
I tried clicking on the TV and hitting "Disable" but that turns off the sound on the TV and that's it. It will still say I can disable it, it doesn't even change to Enable.
Any help?? Much appreciated. Thank you
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  1. I assume you have tried rebooting?
    Can you change any of the default devices?
  2. smeezekitty said:
    I assume you have tried rebooting?
    Can you change any of the default devices?

    Yea. I tried changing the default to the other 2 and none of them changed.
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