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Hey Guyz I am going to build a new system and as for Graphic Card I considered sli geforce gtx 760. This is not the case.
The motherboards I am considering are asus z97 deluxe and GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD7 TH which my friend suggested. My desire is Gaming at high performance.
I learned about PCI Lanes and I think the more the lane are is the better and faster. (correct me if am wrong)
And I learned that a x16 slot can run at like x8. So it is technically x8; So it is slower.
So if I am going to sli what should I do? Is it better to find a motherboard that has 2 (or more) pci e slots with x16 run at x16 or It doesn't make a difference If I put one of them in like x16 at x8?
Also I heard that if 2 x16 at x16 share the same bandwidth and you use both of them they will become 2 x x16 at x8. Plz correct me if I am wrong.
Can someone help me with this? Should I consider another motherboard?
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    1. Don't use those motherboards, use something like an Asus Sabertooth or Maximus, Or an ASrock Extreme4.
    2. Do not Sli 760's, It is better to get a single 780 or 780 Ti and then sli them later on. (Always get 1 better card, rather than 2 worse cards)
    3. If you are using a single Pci-E port, It will run at x16, If you use 2 graphics cards they will run at x8 and x8, and 3 at x8 x8 and x4, Although it depends on your motherboard.
  2. i'll take the gigabyte over any asus any day
  3. junkeymonkey said:
    i'll take the gigabyte over any asus any day

    Asus make the most quality and high end gaming boards, But for medium boards ASrock, Msi and Gigabyte are good.
  4. Thanks for respone. The reason I want to sli 760 is I already got one running. So I that is my only choice to upgrade graphic card. I bought the 760 a year ago and i don't mind selling it. It would be half of the original price I suppose so it doesn't worth it.
    Can you explain about the motherboard thing? Why not the asus or the Gigabyte
    You know I need to know what I am doing. I am also really confused with choosing motherboard. There are a lot of brands and also a lot of choices. I wish tomshardware had a "best Motherboards for the money" article.
    What is the best z97 motherboard suitable for gaming and sli(not for saying gaming on its box)? or some of the bests?
  5. Asus make the most quality and high end gaming boards

    back in there good ol days now it high hype low quality control asus threads near out number the rest 20 to 1
  6. Can someone give me model to look into? Is is possible to sli with having x16 lanes running on both cards on a z97?
  7. no dice with intel you need a plx board for that [ x79 ]
  8. 8x8 on the z boards should not affect you in any way [opinion]
  9. So 8x8 is Okay it seems. Is ASUS z97 Deluxe the best (not in the price case) z97 motherboard of asus? You might say you must choose what fits your needs and you're definitely right; but you know messing around with tons of choices around you is no fun at all. So I would rather choose a good brand then choose the best of it that has all of the features (if such board exists). I don't think that would be too expensive. I wish Littlesackninja could say why I should abandon my current choices and choose from the other brands he mentioned.
    Thank you guyz both for responding till now. I am glad :)
  10. buy what you want and learn for me asus don't make my to buy list anymore ,but that's just me
  11. The MSI z87-G45 Gaming motherboard is a good board, I have it and its excellent.
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