Hard Drive making strange noises

Basically my HDD (WD Green 2TB) is making strange noises on boot up, almost sounds like plumbing. The stranger thing about this is that I don't boot from my HDD, I boot from my SSD. I was reading a while back that this can be the first steps of a HDD failure, but I can't be certain as SeaTools passes the drive in almost every test I have.

I am a little worried about this noise as the drive is only 8 months old and is mounted using anti-vibration screws, so the fact the front of the case is vibrating when the hard drive is in use is making me think there could be an issue.

If anyone knows of any tests I can run other than those in SeaTools then please let me know, don't want to have to change out the drive as I may lose everything on it, depending on the warranty Ts and Cs.

I will try and upload an audio file if it helps, I have the recording just gotta find somewhere for it to go online

Thanks guys
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  1. Is it a clicking noise or a friction noise?
  2. Neither, more of a rattling noise
  3. Nevermind... I've just figured out the issue. It's my case. The side door is rattling at the front, where the hard drive bay is. Had a look at the back of the case and bam, last time I did some tinkering inside, I forgot to put the thumb screws back on... I feel like such a dumbass...

    Thanks for the help anyway 6R1M01R3
  4. Glad to know it was nothing serious.
    Although I must say, my WD Caviar Back is quite loud when its on load.
  5. Yeah I've heard the caviar blacks can be loud, but the greens only run at 5400rpm so you'd expect them to be quieter
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