IS the i5 intel 4690K or the intel i7 4790K better for gaming?

GPU: MSI R9 270
RAM: (2x4) 8GB G.skill Ripjaw X series
PSU: CX 750
Storage: 1 TB Toshiba
CPU Cooler: Corsair H75

This will be my future build I already have the GPU and PSU and cant change those, but the rest I can change also what I'm mostly going to be doing is YouTube recording and Gaming. Thank you
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  1. There isn't going to be a noticeable difference in most games. Only a few well-threaded games will run faster on the Core i7-4790K.
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    You dont need anything higher than an i5 for gaming. Gaming is usually single threaded and even when using multiple cores very little difference will be seen. The difference comes in when doing much more demanding task that would require a stronger CPU like advanced video/image/audio editing. The difference will be miniscule if even noticable during gaming.
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