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I recently obtained a Dell Insprion 3847 Desktop from best buy. It has served me well for the time allotted but now I am interested in upgrading it if possible. The model number is I3847-2310BK.
The webpage to the said product can be found here.

Intel Pentium g3240 dual core 3.1 ghz
3mb cache memory
4 gb total ram ddr3
Intel HD Graphics (Haswell)
64 bit Windows 8.1
1 TB Hard Drive (7200 rpm)

Height - 14.5 inches
Width - 7 inches
Depth - 17 inches

My intial thought is to upgrade to a dedicated gpu from either nvidia(650 ti, 750 ti, or gt 740) or amd(not sure which card) that will fit within the case, without removing other pieces if possible. Also the PSU I will upgrade, which I assume that the cosair cx 600m would be ideal. However, I could not find which form factor the motherboard is, based on the case size, any insight would be helpful.

My second plan of action is to completly replace majority of the parts. The cpu, motherboard, gpu, memory, and psu. I assume that a new windows disc/install would be needed if I go down this option. Before I settle on either I just want to know what sort of upgrades are possible with this particular computer.

For those wondering why I did not build one myself, the answer is that things didn't go as plan so I decided to get a pre-built to upgrade later. My budget for either upgrade option is $700 USD, this may seem much but just wanted to give myself some options in choice. I appreciate any help on this matter.
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    i had the same computer i think a little older and your best bet is to replace a majority of parts

    start with getting 4gb more of ram, the 750 ti is a good choice. Your cpu isnt bad for a dell computer.
  2. do you have a budget, i could possibly build you a computer
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