How to trick My Game to skip the minimum requirements check

Well i want to play warhammer mark of chaos the check stops the game saying my video card is lame (and i agree) its an on board Intel G41 but i still want to try even if its laggy (i am used to playing slide shows) so are there any cmds to tell it to just start any ways?
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  1. why would you wanna play like that? atleast get a low budget video card??
  2. brah, save yourself the disappointment
  3. Come on brah.
  4. My PC can manage it i mean the game plays on my old Pentium 4 the game is just being a douchebag! and i will not be disapointed i am used to playing at 12 fps its like COD ghosts it would not let players with less than 6 gbs even launch the game,
  5. Why would you play cod at 12 fps? is money that tight?
  6. Dont torture yourself man
  7. Just get a HD 6850 or something, great card for the price
  8. Its torture not playing what i get it should be my choice and plus i'm used to playing at low fps i don't have money to get even a 128mb card the plus warhammer is a RTS it does not need 60fps for me and my when i get a job i will get a complete new PC but till then i want to play what i can!
  9. A few or more years ago there was a program that made games at that time believe you met requirements, I am looking for it now, which is how I came across this post.
    Anyways I am trying keywords to find someone talking about it online, but with no luck. All I know is it fakes the requirements for games, although it probably wont work with today's games, but it gives you a start of where to look.
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