Can a Hyper 212 Evo cool down an FX-8350 5.0GHZ Overclock?

Im currently running a stock FX-8350 and im idling at 18-25c. if i overclocked to 5.0Ghz would i be able to stay cool?
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  1. Yes - it will cool it down. All heatsinks will cool down a CPU - it's the purpose.

    Will it keep it between your current range? No.

    Should it keep it within operational range? Hard to say.

    Will it stop it from melting a hole through the mantle layer of the planet? Not sure.

    The best way of knowing this - due to the thermal dynamics and fluid dynamics (air) of your system is to begin overclocking in steps and see what you can do.

    UPDATE: I am not sure that this CPU will get up to this level with your system and memory (which are not stated.) Repeating what SR-71 Big Air or a water cooled system is reccomended for this ambitious of an overclock. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here - but a good game of Pong only requires a minor overclock of this CPU. Go Pong!!
  2. With a 212 EVO you won't reach 5 ghz.

    You need big air or closed loop minimum.
  3. Case air flow plays a moderate role as well, but the 212 evo will likely not be suffecient at that overclock. You will have to look at liquid cooling.
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    The FX 9590 chip runs at 220W and its stocked at 4.7Ghz. From everything I have read its just a supped up 8350. So pushed to 5Ghz one would assume the 8350 to be pulling similar amounts of power. the CM212EVO is only rated up to 180W.
  5. A 212 can't cool a 9000 series chip.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Big Air or closed loop minimum h100i.
  8. Yeah unless you're going closed loop or watered cooled no way. AMD and cool don't believe in the same sentence.
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