I need an actual solution for "Chkdsk Stuck at 15% on Stage 4 for 48+ hrs on windows 7"

Hello All. I have a 3TB Seagate external hard drive. While downloading a file and saving it to that drive I got a "Cyclic Redundncy check" error. Researching that error told me to to run CHKDSK E: /R (E: is my external drive letter) from the CMD Prompt which I did.

Despite the size of the drive it compleeted stages 1-3 and the first 15% on stage 4 in about 3 or 4 hours, but then stopped making progress at Stage 4 (32176 of 2546416 files processed)

That was Sunday night so I let it sit for 24 hours then closed out the cmd window and restarted the check. It appears to be stuck at the same spot again at this point and it has been there once again for about 24 hours with no progress from that spot. Searching online so far has only yielded 3 answers:
1. keep waiting on the CHKDSK until the end of time.
2. Restart and don't run the check disk again.
3. Trash the hard drive, which I am not doing as it still works fine except for the one file that gave the redundancy check error that I cant complete the download on. (It is a you tube clip and I know the file works as I downloaded it on my laptop and the file downloads and works fine there)

Is there any real fix to to this CHSKDSK getting stuck issue or is this yet another example of a Windows problem that has remained unfixable since windows XP?

Computer stats (if needed)
Pentium dual core cpu - 2.8Gh on each core
2GB ram
64 bit OS
Windows 7 Professional
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    I would just skip chkdsk and go straight to

    If the drive has a bad sector, it may swap the sector and give you access back to your data and an error code to use when RMA'ing
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