ASUS DIMM Abnormal

Hi all,

I am using 8 DIMM 32GB after I tried Auto Turing 2 DIMM shows Abnormal.
How can I correct that?

CPU: Intel Core i7 3820
Mobo: Asus P9x79 Pro
DRAM: Kingston

Thanks (Sorry my English)
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS? Is all the DRAM from a single package? What is the model # of the DRAM?
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  2. Yes, I have latest BIOS. All DRAM's from a single Package. DRAM #KHX1600C9D3/4G

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    That's a model # for a single stick, and can't find anything on that in a 32GB set.....Try it with the DRAM voltage at 1.56 and raise the VCCSA voltage to 1.2
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  4. Where can I do that whether in BIOS or AI Suite UI?
    Like this.
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  5. Looks like you got it there, see how it runs
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