Software is telling my HD is at critical and will probably die.

Using an application called Hard disk Sentinel Pro, it is massively confusing: it says performance of my drive is 100%, health of the drive is 9% - with 512 bad sectors. says bad surface sectors too.
I performed a scan disk: Clean.

It made a recommendation of switching out the sata cables first. Which I did, and it did not improve.

I dont hear any sounds of death, I get no BSODs, games and everything else runs flawless. Is this just another example of crappy software?

I really dont want to buy another HD. I backed up what was needed to be saved.. but dammit, its the C: drive so that means a reinstall potentially.
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  1. Start the warranty process with the manufacturer. They might give you a diagnosis tool to run.

    You can clone your OS from one HDD to another.
  2. Take the opportunity to upgrade to an SSD!!! Try the Crucial MX100 for example - the speed increase it will give you will be superb - and as mentioned above, you can clone your current disk to it (provided your data will fit) with software that comes with it
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    HD Sentinel is reporting the drive's SMART data. A bad sector that has been "reallocated" will have been replaced with a good spare. That's why the surface scan was clean. Nevertheless, once bad sectors begin to develop, then more are sure to follow. With today's drives, the problem is more likely to reflect a weak head.

    Don't trust this drive with your important data.

    BTW, if it's an Advanced Format drive, then the actual number of bad physical sectors will sometimes be 1/8th of what SMART is reporting, namely 64 (= 512 / 8). That's still a cause for concern, although HD Sentinel may be underestimating the drive's "health".
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