How to speed up processor without overclock ?

My pc specification

Intel dual core 1.6 ghz
Ati radeon hd 5450
RAM 2gb

i have assassin's creed 3 and its lag because of my processor
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    You can't speed it up without overclocking. Try shutting down all unnecessary programs in the background.

    EDIT: You won't be able to run it smoothly without overclocking:
  2. You won't run it well without a better CPU and graphics card neither are good enough for gaming in general.
  3. It's not just your processor, It wouldn't run well on that video card or RAM either. Really the whole PC is just not meant for gaming at all.
  4. Read my article on how to speed up your game:

    But still you need to upgrade your hardware, it is not for gaming.
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