Is stress testing necessary when not overclocking?

The title says it all. I'm about to put my new build together but I'm wondering if it's necessary to run for example a 24h Prime95 & Memtest on a PC that's not overclocked?
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  1. Memtest is just to see if the memory (ram) is working OK.

    Use Prime 95 for an hour max to test your overlock. That'll prove that its 'stable' - will not shutdown the pc while even heavy gaming.
  2. I'm not planning to overclock at all (at least not for the moment being) but would running prime 95 for an hour or two be ok then?
  3. You don't use prime95 unless you are testing an overclocked cpu.
  4. Hmm ok I see.. Is there any other tool I should use then for testing the system?
  5. The best test since you`re not overclocking I think it`s the Memtest for your RAM, Furmark for your GPU, and afterwards just the games and more demanding tasks that you want to do on your PC.

    If everything runs fine, than that`s it! You have a good PC :)
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    You shouldn't need to test it. But just keep an eye on it - especially temps - with your mobo uefi. I hope you installed it.
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