My Fx8320 is at 36c and the cpu fan is at 100. I don't know whats wrong.

Its at idle and its just too loud and everything in my pc is low temp and this cpu fan is so loud. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. What does it say the rpms are
  2. That's pretty normal with the stock cooler.
  3. coolcole01 said:
    What does it say the rpms are

    Around 5800
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    It could be that your CPU fan is not connected to its designated 4-pin fan connector, but to some neighboring 3-pin connector which would make it run at 100% voltage all the time.

    Check the BIOS as well, there is an option to turn cool and quiet on and off, and even switch between voltage / PWM fan speed regulation. One specific thing that you should also check is the "temperature target" (or something like that), if you set this too low, fan will work like crazy just to keep the CPU at this temp.
  5. Might also be a motherboard defect, you can buy a regulator for 2-3 USD and control the voltage over it. So you can manually set what rpm you want it to run on. But before asssuming that, check your fan settings in bios.
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