Can I use memories with a different speed together, If I Can how?

Hello guys this is muy first time using this forum so I really hope you can help me. I have two Corsair Xms3 8 gb Ram (1300 mhz) and I decide to buy another 2 for a total of 32 gb but I made a Mistake I bought 2 more memories with a different speed (1600 mhz) my question is If I can Use it this 4 together or not. My motherboard is M5 A97 R 2.0.

Thanks for reading. .
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    Yes, I believe you can. The only thing is that all the RAM will run at 1300 MHz. Just plug them in like you would normally do.
  2. Yes. Set all memory modules to run at the highest speed common to them all in BIOS, if auto-detection doesn't do this for you. You can run both kits separately if you need to use a utility such as CPU-Z to read the SPD data.
  3. They may or may not work together, any time you mix DRAM it can be and often is problematic, the forums are full of folks who have tried and had problems, often you can get them to play with timing/voltage adjustments - if you try and have problems give me a shout, DRAM's sort of a specialty of mine (no guarantees, but generally successful :) )
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