Pc has no post beeps and no video output

Hello about a month ago my computer turned off abruptly, the next morning I turned it on and nothing would happen. Later it randomly started but now there was no display. I have changed the processor with a new one and the power supply with a new one as we'll. But still I have no post beeps and no video. The fans are running. My computer components are
MOTHERBOARD: asus m5a97
CPU: amd fx8350
GPU: asus gtx660
Memory: corsair Xms 8gb
Psu: corsair cx750
HDD: wd10ezex

Would really appreciate the help
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  2. If you are sure that the case speaker is working, no beeps would point to either a CPU error or a motherboard error. Since you have replaced the CPU, that leaves the motherboard. This assumes that the power supply is functional. You can test it by swapping the power supply with a working power supply. You can also check the power supply with a multimeter or a power supply tester.

    The power supply listed (Corsair CX Series) are well known for being problematic.

    AMI Beep Codes
  3. Try putting the old CPU back in for a moment and update the BIOS. Then switch CPU to newer one and see how you get on.
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