How can I get my USB 3.0 ports to provide 900mA?


My motherboard is asus sabertooth 990FX v1 with the latest bios and drivers, and I have a Galaxy S3 that I would like to charge faster. I know that usb 2.0 provides up to 500 mA and usb 3.0 provides up to 900mA. But when I check my usb ports on device manager (windows 7 64bit), they all seem to provide 500mA, even usb 3.0 ports. You can see the screenshot here:

So, my question is how can I get my USB 3.0 ports to provide 900mA?

Thank you!!
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    it is my understanding that you cannot modify the output voltages of your usb ports in software and bios (for good reason)

    many usb 3 ports are may be still only 500ma and only some are higher.

    ports which provide more voltage are typically dedicated to charging and the high amp charging ports on things such as usb hubs typically are shorted out so that they provide more amperage.


    my suggestion to you would be to use a powered usb hub with a dedicated charging port if you must have the extra amperage for charging. this would allow you to view your files on your computer as well as charge it faster.

    if you did not need to view files, your typical wall-wart charger works very well and some are capable of rather high amp loads for fast charging. of coure make sure it is within your phones specs if you are using a charger not designed for your phone.

    generally though we are not talking about a huge increase in charging time. a 900ma charging might only charge the phone 30 minutes quicker than standard 500ma.
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