I have an external HDD that up until yesterday wes working fine now my computer or tv cant see it the light on the HDD is ligh

My external HDD cant be seen by my computer it was working perfect up until yesterday I have not dropped it or banked it off anything and i have tried it on my daughters laptop my own laptop and my tower desktop plus two tv and still no joy.As i have no way of opening my files on the HDD i cant run any malware or antivirus to see if thats the problem. I would greatly appreciate any help in fixing this problem or to hear from anybody with a similar problem.
Regards Paddy g
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  1. Have you checked in device manager? It will show in the disk drives section, if it is there then the system detects it, there could just be a registery error, if it shows but has a yellow triangle next to it, double click it and see what the error code is, then report back. If it doesnt show, also let me know.
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