Computer crashes every time I play a game

Whenever I try to play a game which is not browser based, I will get into the game and play for a few minutes, but it always ends up freezing and coming up with an error message saying display driver has stopped responding, or says something about ati, (havent played a game in a while so memory is a little faded). I can't play any games and this is beginning to frustrate me.
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  1. Post your build.

    Download HWInfo and run Sensors and post the results - usually 3 screenshots in TinyPic or similar
    This will give us temps, voltages, clocks, fan speeds, etc to see if your pc hardware is behaving.
  2. http://
    I'm not sure what you meant, but maybe these are what you were asking for?
  3. Last time - Post your build.

    Your cpu is too hot - 46-51C. Its Vcore is too high - 1.225V - drop it by .05V and post back the temp

    Your power supply is OK

    You only have 4gb ram

    Your graphics card is over-volted too - 1.204V - drop it to 0.9V

    This could be because your motherboard isn't holding voltage and needs to be replaced.
  4. Graphics - Radeon HD 4870 Series
    How do I drop the voltage?
  5. cpu - bios/uefi

    gpu - afterburner
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