HWMonitor Readings (CPU temps vs Package temps?)

So I just overclocked my FX-6300 to 4.2GHz @ 1.3v (not final, hoping to get it higher), and I did a quick stress test using Prime95 to check out the temps (using HWMonitor), and to make sure it's somewhat stable. When I started the test, I quickly found out that I wasn't sure what to look at for the CPU temperatures, as I have (There is also a picture down below which shows this a bit better) "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. M5A99X EVO R2.0 > Temperatures > CPU" which maxed out at 61 degrees Celcius, and I have "AMD FX-6300 > Temperatures > Package" which maxed out at 49 degrees Celcius.


I'm sure there are many threads like this, but I couldn't find one with these exact readings, so that's why I'm asking.

So what's the better one to look at, "CPU" or "Package"?

Also I have a Hyper 212 Evo if you're wondering whether or not I have a cooler.

Thanks :)

Edit: Just noticed that "TMPIN2" (whatever that is) is saying that it's at 128 degrees Celcius... I'm going to guess that HWMonitor is a tad off on that one...

Edit 2: Found a guide to overclocking the FX-6300, where under "Software" and then "Temperature Monitoring" it shows max temps for both "CPU temp" and "Package temps", should I use these as a reference point? (
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    The CPU temp is your socket temp.
    The package temp is you core temp. Keep an eye on this.
    Ignore the TMPIN2.

    I'd recommend HwInfo over hwmonitor

    Max Temps;
    Core- 70C
    Socket - 80C

    That guide is very good. The max temps it shows is for the 83xx cpus & its a little outdated.
  2. Thanks! So so far I've gotten 4.4Ghz stable at 1.3125v after 10 mins of Prime95. I've been trying to get 4.5Ghz, and I am currently upping the voltage by 0.0125v each time there is an error. At the moment I am at 1.35v and at about 9 minutes into Prime95 my computer freezes. Should I keep upping the voltage or should I settle for 4.4Ghz? With 4.4Ghz I got 62 degrees Celsius socket temp and 51 degrees Celsius core temp, where as with my latest attempt at 4.5Ghz got 67 degrees Celsius and 56 degrees Celsius respectively. Will upping the voltage more stop the freezing?
  3. yes, you need more voltage for 4.4~4.5ghz.
    you have enough headroom temp wise.

    You can try IBT avx for stress testing. It stresses the cpu very well.
    10~20 runs @ very high should be good enough.

    download it from here
  4. I've heard (from places other than the one I showed you) that max temps for the FX-6300 was about 62 degrees, are you sure 70 degrees is okay?? Anyway I'm in the middle of a stress test (still Prime95) at the moment, a bit more than an hour through at 4.5Ghz, no errors so far, socket is currently at 68 degrees and cores currently at 56. I am perfectly happy with these temps, but I'm just worried because today is a fairly cold today (at least 10 degrees cooler than normal at this time of year), so I'm afraid that tomorrow or the next day when it starts to heat up again that my temps are going to get too high D:
    What do you think?
    Thanks :)

    EDIT: Just finished the stress test (did it for 2 hours and 15 minutes), and the highest temperatures I got whilst doing so was 68 degrees Celsius socket temp and 57 degrees Celsius core temp (again, this is at 4.5Ghz). I'm pretty happy with these temps, but again I'm afraid that since this is an abnormally cool day that it's showing abnormally cool results compared to an average day D:
  5. yes, generally people recommend 62C for amd cpus. But the fx6000 series are safe upto 70C.
    Heck, even FX83xx chips are safe @ 70C.

    Your temps are good. Stress tests pushes your cpu to its limits. It won't get that hot during regular usage.
    It'll barely hit 60C while gaming & other stuff, even during those hot summer days.
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