MSI A88XM Gaming overclock question

so i recently received my A88xm gaming along with an AMD A8-6600k APU. im having some trouble with overclocking it though.

the MSI Mobo comes with OC genie, which on mode one takes me from 3.90 to 4.09 with 40 multiplier @ 100mhz. mode 2 will tak me to 4.19 with 42 multiplier @ 100mhz.

i know people have hit higher numbers with this so i wanted to push for more. so i turned off OC genie to try and manually clock, but multiplier adjustments cannot be made in the BIOS, but you can adjust frequency.....

did alittle research and have found nothing pertaining to this board, so i read the tom's hardware overclocking guide and tried to overclock with the AMD overdrive software. by using this software i was able to his 4.45GHZ and make it through 15 minutes of prime95 testing. Awesome right!! wrong....

in order to acheive this number i have to adjust my multiplier to 44 and mhz to 102.1 at 1.375V... running smooth

when i go to turn the computer back on i get the BSOD..... ok, so let me check my BIOS and see why this is happening... everything checks out until i get to my cpu volts... my bios has my volts set to 1.215..... no wonder it was crashing

so i try to adjust the volts in the bios but i am not able to.... so i read up some more, other Mobo's let you adjust by pressing +/- keys, so i try this. it doesn't physically change the volts, but it gives you a +0.001, 0.002, 0.003, and so on until the max setting of +0.050... so by going to the max setting, this would only bump me to 1.265, which is not enough to handle the overclock of 4.45ghz...

can anybody provide any assistance with the adjusting CPU voltage i am having please
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  1. i as for the assistance, becaue i currently bught an R9-280x GPU and will be transitioning to an Athlon 760k and want to mae sure i will be able to get the most out of my new processor to keep up with the GPU....

    i have updated bios and all divers

    running thermaltake contac30 heatsink
    750w ultra x2 PSU
    8gb ddr3 ram
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  2. Hello, i'm having simlar problems. But my CPUz indicates that multiplier is x17
    the bios says x37. and i really notice the pc is laggy. IDK
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