BF4 FPS problems - Low framerates, low GPU usage and bottleneck CPU usage.

When playing BF4, I have constant FPS drops, going from around 80 fps to 40 or, sometimes, even 30 fps. This happens on both 64 and 32 slot servers and on any gamemode. When I use Ultra settings, the drops make the game almost unplayable, but on Low settings, I still suffer some drops(less than on Ultra).
The CPU usage sometimes even hit 100%, but GPU barely get to 40%.
When google chrome is opened, the drops are even worse, but I usually play with only BF4, Skype and some music playing (and few programs are running on the background).

My specs:
Windows 8.1
Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M LE/BR
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 3300MHz
RAM: 2 x 4GB
GPU: Nvidia GTX 680
HD: ST500DM002

(I dont know if this affects the computer's performance, but I use 2 monitors)

And my questions are: Is my hardware good enough for gaming(specially BF4)? Is there a way to "transfer" some CPU processes to the GPU?

I hope you are able to understand my english(It is not my first language).
Also, I am new to the forum, so, if I am doing anything wrong, please alert me.

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  1. try not to run anything else when you playing games.
  2. 30 fps wouldn't make it unplayable. But if your dropping below I agree with the first post check background processes. Also are you sure your not lagging?
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