Computer reeally slow all of a sudden. 95-98% of memory is being used.

So my computer was running great for about 4 months. Since earlier today it's been running reaaally slow. 95-98% of my memory is being used (16gb) idle. What's my problem ? Specs are AMD athlon 750k 16gb of ddr ram GTX 760 1tb HDD 120gb SSD pic of task manager. Had to take it with my phone cause computer was running to slow to open chrome. Note I was running malwarebytes while I took the picture, and was the most used program with 25mb.
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    It is apparent that 15.8 GB of your RAM is "hardware reserved" - meaning that either some kind of utility (for RAM disk or similar purposes) is using it, or that you need to reset your BIOS (use CLR CMOS jumper or remove the battery for a minute). BIOS update would not hurt as well.

    Finally, not quite the most popular solution, but in this case I would reinstall Windows from scratch. This helped the other guy a week ago who had the exactly the same problem.
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