External Portable HDD not shown under Disk Management or My Computer But Shown in Device Manager Under Storage

Hello everyone.

Im using an I-O Data Portable HDD 1TB, before this portable hdd is perfectly working on my laptop win-7 ultimate an in my pc win xp it also work in our Samsung Smart TV when im watching movies. The problem starts when i unplugged my external hard drive without using the safety remove in my laptop while watching movie.. when i plugged it in on the other day, my device is no longer visible in my computer, i tried to uninstall the device in my computer and plugged it again and it automatically installed the software, there is a notification that my device is ready to use, but still it is not visible to my computer.. i also used the Sea tools for windows but it wont detect my external hard drive. i need help how can i fixed this..?

These are the Screen Shoots:

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