Gaming laptop or macbook pro?

Hello I was just wondering on what I should get a gaming laptop from Leveno here is the one I am specificly looking at :)

Gaming laptop:

Now i'm asking this because I want to know the performance difference compared to a Macbook pro with a quad core i7 and a 650m dedicated graphics card. I want to do video editing too so I'm just kind of confused on which I should pick the gaming laptop is of course made for gaming but how would a Macbook pro perform at about the same price point. But I was also looking at imacs which also look good but anyways thanks :)
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  1. Get neither, laptops aren't designed for gaming let alone video editing.
  2. That is a nice laptop, I would get that as oppose to an apple product and I have owned a Macbook Pro personally but I'm biased, if your editing and are ingesting large TB files off a RAID say from a client your working with, then it might be best getting a mac with a thunderbolt connection for faster transfer rates. You can get an external thunderbolt expansion chassis from Sonnet that holds multiple thunderbolt PCie cards that i believe works with windows systems.. dont q

    I would take into consideration what I'm going to be working with hardware wise, compare that with what equipment I already have, i.e... OSX based products or Android etc and go with the flow of the rest of my gear, nothing is as painful as compatibility.
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