Is my motherboard still functional after ripping a cpu out of socket?

So, a couple months ago I upgraded CPUS from an FX6300 to an 8350. I have a gigabyte 990FXA UD3 motherboard. While taking the the heat sink off to put the new processor in, the heat sink had such a well bond via thermal paste to the cpu that it ripped the FX6300 right out of its socket and I bent pins on the CPU. I didnt open the lever to take the cpu out obviously because it came out attached to the heatsink. Well after thinking about how stupid I was doing that I presumed my motherboard dead and ordered a new mobo ( the same model) in fear that it would toast my new cpu if I tried putting it in . So now I have this as my current system: GA 990FXA UD3, AMD XFX 7790, 16gb corsair RAM, 120gb SSD, and the amd 8350 cpu. All works good. But I'm wanting to make a new system and am wondering if I can use that old MOBO. It was only 6 moths old and I cant believe I screwed it up that early. Do you think it will work fine or am I taking a huge risk? And yes I know what I did was dumb but I live and learn.
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  1. you may try to use the old part if you did not break the board pcb or the ziff bracket and bent cpu pins it could work .
  2. The CPU pins can bend so easily that it's very likely the mobo socket is ok... But whatabout the CPU, are the pins so badly bent they can't be straightened?.. I'd bet if you use the appropriate improvised tool you can straighten them. Something like a tube small enough to fit over each pin... an empty mechanical pencil* (0.5mm) might do the trick.. you might need a magnifying glass. Or maybe take it to a jeweler... that's if the fee is not inconvenient and if he guarantees results.

    *Coincidently that's what the guy here used
  3. 2 cpu pins are completely gone so the CPU is worthless but I'm more concerned about the board
  4. you could try it anyway they maybe spare pins or unused ground for the board you wont know until you test her .
  5. I dont care about the CPU to be honest. Just the board
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