My computer is awfully slow whereas I have to be prompt in my work every hour. It takes hours to complete one simple online ta

I have to put some matter on the web but the website takes too long to process it and put it on the web. That is the exact problem.
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  1. Well, what is your PC spec?
  2. what web browser are you using ?

    Try to make some cleaning performance:

    Delete everything from:
    C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Temp

    Instal freeware CCleaner and run it

    Defrag your drive

    Run msconfig and turn off unnecessary application on startup

    Check in Task Manager if some unknow Processes are using to much CPU or memory
    Check your Memory Usage
  3. Problem="website"
    Use another website to process your matter.
    That is the exact solution
    Simple ;)
  4. 1. My first answer: I take time to do first things first: Most important of them all was to express here and now my thanks for your replies which make it among most wonderful experiences online.

    2.My second answer: I confess I really don't know much about computers but working okay with it for many years. However, answers to your questions: My computer is Windows PC. It's programmed on internet explorer browser. I downloaded google chrome. I use google chrome as my default browser. I removed extra files from my computer and defragmented some more files. I have to put matter fast on my office website but work is done too slowly. I can't shift from that specific website and cannot put my work on another website. If you had a satisfactory experience with any good program that speeds up computer free without problems, pls let me know.
  5. 1. Do what Obel said above

    2. Investigate faster internet connection

    3. Investigate upgrading your PC - or whether it's time to buy a new one. If you're using it for work, surely it's worth spending the money?
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