Can you recommend a 4 port USB 3.0 case and how do I install 3 USB ports to it?

In a previous post CPUs Master recommended Thermalake Versa H22 for my build project. However, I see it only has one USB 3.0 port on the front - I would prefer at least 3 - possibly 4.

Is there a case for the MSI A88X-G43 ATX FM2+ motherboard that he recommends that can accommodate this? And how do I build the USB hardware into the case? Is USB for the front of the case a specific motherboard port or is it built into the motherboard? If it is built in can you recommend an alternate motherboard?

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    Most sub 100 cases have only 2 front USB 3.0
    As for how do you connect them? the front panel has an internal cable that you plug in the USB 3.0 header of the motherboard, that is all it takes.
    USB 3.0 only makes a difference in data transfer with devices that are rated to work at that speed as well, most of them only external storage drives. For USB 2.0 devices, 3.0 makes no difference.
  2. Interesting because my old Acer case from 10 years ago has 4 in the front. Thanks for the cable info.
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