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Hi guys so im currently using an MSI FM2-A75MA-P33 mother board with a generic dual core AMD processor (Athlon X2 370K). I also have an ASUS R7 240 graphics card. My question is, if I were to upgrade something in my computer which would it be? I'd like to keep the same mother board because that isn't the primary issue here it seems. Im a very avid gamer/recorder and my current parts are just not delivering. I can hardly record in 720p without lagging everywhere. Anyway, Please help me find some upgrades for my mother board whether it be a new processor or a new GPU. I have around a $200-$300 budget. Thanks!
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  1. Defiantly the cpu, upgrade to the Athlon x4 760K.

    It's normal to expect serious lag with the Athlon x2 series.
  2. If your gaming I would go with a new gpu but I think you should get a little more performance out of your GPU than you are getting.

    You need to open up task manager or whatever you use on your OS to look at CPU usage then you need to find a gpu overclocking program or something like that to look up it's utilization whichever is bottlenecking during a game, replace. I'm not familiar with amd CPU's so I don't know how slow that one is and really I'm not all that familiar with AMD gpu's so just monitor them both on many games. Basically if you aren't getting 60 fps and your GPU is running at 100% your GPU can't handle the games but if your GPU is running at 60-85% with lower than 60fps then it's your CPU

    If you want good gaming performance you may have to upgrade both because those are low-mid range parts.
  3. A cpu like this
    AMD A10-5800K (is under 140$) , it can use a "hybrid crossfire" so your gonna have r7 240 + the integrated graphis in cpu .
    If you want you could add a video card such as or something in this range .
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    The 240 is rated as barely adequate for elder scrolls online, which is kinda low on gpu usage anyways. The Athlon II, honestly, is killin you too. What you are really gonna have to decide is which to upgrade first, as both need it.

    If you are more into graphics type games, then the obvious choice would be a move to a 265 or 270, gtx 750ti gpu. These should run on your current psu, depending on its size.

    If your priority is recording, then a move upto a Athlon x4 750k would be the best option. While I do agree that the APU series is also a choice, I run lucid logix on my integrated/gtx 660ti and it makes a difference in picture quality, the apu processor itself is kinda weak, although the graphics would definitely benefit, some. APUs graphics use system memory as RAM, so unless you have @8Gb of 1866 or 2133 ram, the graphics are pretty much going to be slower than possible. So, APUs are great for grandma, but not really for those who actually use their pc.

    Most if the multiplayer games, MMO's and their hybrids like Skyrim will be heavy on CPUs, single player, battlefield 3-4 etc will be heavy graphics.
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