What watercooling pump do you recommend ?

I will be cooling a R9 290 and either a i7 4790k or a i5 4690k, i can't decide. What pump will be suitable for this build? I am wondering if the EK-DCP 2.2 will be enough? Otherwise what about a EKWB EK-D5 Vario? Or what about this
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  1. Any D5 or a 35x2 if ya want an installed backup.
  2. D5 master race!
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    Variable speed D5 specifically the Swiftech MCP655, I have 4 pumps, 2 running the 2 operative independent CPU and GPU loops I am running, and 2 shelved backups to swap out in case of pump failure.

    Pump failure will eventually happen no matter what brand you buy, having a backup pump covers whether you're down for days vs minutes.
  4. Good thing about D5's is they are really solid pumps as long as they are never run dry. I've had mine for 8+ years and still going strong.
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