EVGA GTX 570 either dying or PSU is failing

My EVGA GTX 570 HD keeps crashing, black screen sometimes hard reset sometimes BSOD, I have tried drivers, and fan control to cool the seemingly high temps, it has passed a benchmark FURMARK test for 15min without artifacts or crashing, when it crashes everything else stays on though

I am beginning to think the problem is my PSU because upon getting hwmonitor -although nowhere does it actually say 12V (has other names that may very well indicate which rail is the 12V rail) nowhere on hwmonitor does anything come remotely close to 12V and now with speedfan my 12V seems to be at 6.55 top

this is a common issue with the EVGA GTX 570 HD I am reading, although i have not yet in my searches found anything to indicate the GPU being the concrete issue, nor the PSU, nor the driver

I feel like my PSU is failing but would like some more suggestions as to how I could isolate and see, or any other things I could try and do. Thank you.
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  1. What kind of power supply do you have? I need to know the model number or wattage and brand. Also I'd like to know the temps for your Graphics card.
  2. i have a cooler master 1000w silent pro 80 bronze, the temps on my gpu are at the moment with the side off between 50-65C and with the side on they can get much hotter starting at 60C and getting to mid-upper 80's but it has been crashing all over the place temp wise sometimes around 50C some in 60C sometimes its fine in 70'sC and others it crashes, i am looking for the pattern but tough to isolate.
  3. The PSU is probably good. Your temps are within a normal range. Can you do something to repeat the shutdown or is it something that just randomly happens? I'll tell you what I'm thinking it might be... The RAM. Probably 1 stick of your RAM is defective. Test with Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  4. well there are a couple of games in particular that cause the issue, and every now and then when doing film post production work but yes i feel i can repeat the scenario in certain instances, but it is mostly random I will run a memtest and post back here whats up, but would the fact that my 12V is being read nowhere near 12V be an issue? it caps out at 6.6V it says.
  5. Speed fan is known to give inaccurate voltage readings. So I wouldn't worry about that. Really any software reading is probably going to be wrong. The only way to test it accurately is with a multimeter.
  6. So far i am half way through a 2nd pass of memtest, and there are no errors so far so i think my ram is solid, but i am seeing this issue all over the place and i just cant isolate any largely determining factor, i mean i am curious if the 570 could sustain a full benchmark FURMARK test without crashing yet when i play a game for maybe 30 sec boom its black screen but whole comp still on.

    i would also like to mention i played an older game and ramped my fans up on my cards (i have been testing both isolated cards and main 570 with dedicated 260 and then dedicated 550ti) and the game died after 20min but then leaving fans normal it has yet to die, but that is just one game, also none of my gpus are overclocked in anyway, though my cpu is overclocked and i have already tried turning the cpu back to stock
    sorry for long response just trying to be informative
  7. unfortunately for most individuals looking into this who may have come across this thread among many others, mine does in fact appear to be an issue with my card, yes the most awful and expensive of replacements. I will be attempting my RMA as it appears i am a week past my 3 year warranty.

    I discovered this by trying every single combination of my gtx 570 (card in question) a gtx 550ti and a gtx 260, each one running at stock and each combination adjusting the fan speeds with evga precision from default to max and in every instance with the gtx 570 as the primary card i experience the same failings in similar patterns. best of luck to you all out there, i am still double checking my PSU because heaven forbid it is also failing i don't want to mess up any future cards by shorting them out.

    I will post back here in hopefully a week or two if my RMA goes through with results of identical replacement card.
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