Best Enthusiast Setup for SSD RAID and HDD RAID on Windows?

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So my system currently has a 500GB SSD and 2x2TB WD Black drives. All 3 are basically full and I want to upgrade to 2x500GB SSD and 2x3TB regular HDDs. My OS (Windows 7) would be on the SSD array, and the 2x3TB drives would be for storage. I also want a separate 500GB SSD to be used for games/program installations. I want RAID for redundancy and I'm using Windows 7. Can someone kindly outline which RAID card I should purchase and explain the steps of how I'd create both RAID arrays?
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  1. Why do you need redundancy?
    How quickly would you need to recover from some failure?
    hardware redundancy protects only against hardware failures which are not that common.
    It does not protect against single point failures such as the raid card, viruses, fire etc.
    For that you need some sort of external backup.
    Servers do need redundancy since they must not go down if at all possible.
    If you can afford some time for recovery, a good external backup system will recover from more failures.
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    redundancy does not replace the need for backups, it simply keeps your system going. Things like virus, user error, lightning strikes... can eliminate all your data/drives and your only saving grace will be your backups.

    Since you should be doing backups already, running raids is fine with me and your motherbd is capable of running raid 1 just fine as long as it has enough ports for all your drives.
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