after updating to windows 8.1 my apps open then close why is this happening?

When i open an app such as mail it automatically closes on itself. Its only happening with my windows apps.
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  1. Are you having problems with ANY application or just the windows applications.
  2. I am also facing the same issue when i start any apps on windows 8.1 it automatically closed i have already update my window & troubleshooting.. but issue remain same please help:(
  3. Once again I ask, is this problem happening with third party applications as well or only with the applications included with windows 8?
  4. darkbreeze said:
    Once again I ask, is this problem happening with third party applications as well or only with the applications included with windows 8?

    Edited part added: I should have put this first before posting. The problem didn't happen because of upgrading to 8.1. It was because of installing an old game. So old that it wasn't optimized for full 1366 X 768. 4 by 3 resolutions only.

    For me it is every Windows app including PC Settings. Tried opening Netflix and it closer instantly. Currently running a SFC /SCANNOW. I was thinking of refreshing the PC, but now that isn't possible.
  5. Why isn't it possible? There are many utilities included in windows that are available prior to booting into windows. Try this procedure and it should get you to a boot menu with many options.

    Read this page beginning to end prior to attempting safe mode so you are familiar with how it works. It's more difficult than it used to be in windows 7 and prior versions but still available. Also, when they say "mash" they mean like, as soon as you power the computer on immediately hold down the shift key and start repeatedly hitting the F8 key until you see the windows advanced startup menu appear then stop. After that click the advanced repair options button and follow the instructions. You might even be able to get by choosing the automatic repair option. Good luck and let me know what happens.
  6. Also, which I'm sure you've already done or tried to but it's worth mentioning just in case, if you can get in via safe mode, go uninstall the game right away. That might cure all the problems right off the bat.
  7. I've already entered safe mode using Holding Shift Key, pressing power button and clicking reset method. Game has already been uninstalled.

    I did see that the refresh PC setting was in that advanced menu. I'll just do that and be done with it. I have ever program that needs reinstalled on my external hard drive along with all my user files. I really should update my recovery partition if I can figure it out. I think it is in ACHI mode and is basically not there via standard methods.

    The SFC /SCANNOW results told me some files were corrupt and could not be repaired.
  8. SFC /Scannow always says that. It says that when I run it on every single system I work on. That's not to say there were not actually issues on yours, I'm just saying, it always says that in 8.1 installations especially if there are AMD components involved. Anyhow, good luck with the refresh and let me know if you need further help.
  9. Don't have any AMD components. Just Intel stuff. Everything looks to be working fine. Had to do full reset since there was problems with refresh. Just waiting for Windows Update to do something. Kinda slow as it always is.

    I've got Paragon B & R for my images. Now to figure out how to get an image onto the OEM service recovery volume. Hidden away from normal view.
  10. Yeah that's a tricky one. Personally, I prefer to ditch the recovery partition and use Acronis true image to make periodic full disk image backups to an external hard drive. That way the boot drive has just one partition with plenty of free space so it's quicker and if anything happens to the physical aspect of the drive I don't lose my disc image. Of course, I back up the disc image back up too.
  11. BTW, might want to pick something as a solution in order to make this thread show as solved. Or not, heh, as you choose. Good luck.
  12. darkbreeze said:
    BTW, might want to pick something as a solution in order to make this thread show as solved. Or not, heh, as you choose. Good luck.

    Don't think I can pick a solution. Doesn't seem to let me. I'm not the OP.
  13. Ah, I see that. It's all good. Don't know what happened to the OP. Anyhow, hope all is good now. Take care.
  14. hey i have the same problem here that my pre installed windows apps and apps that i have downloaded from the windows store wont work... im just wondering if the reset worked for you??

    One thing that i find very strange is that if i log in as a guest the windows store will open but if im logged into my own account it wont open... any idea what i can do?? already ran an SFC scan and it didnt resolve the issue... thanks!
  15. Did it work previously and just begin doing this or has it always has this issue? Have you recently installed any new software or drivers that could be the culprit?
  16. only happened recently..... was working before i went on a holiday for about 3 weeks and when i came home and powered it on the problem was there! Havnt installed anything new onto it! did install an old game if that could be the culprit but the apps were working fine when the game was installed first!

    iv no idea what the problem actually is!
  17. Old games often contain files or require drivers that are not compatible with newer OS platforms. Try uninstalling the old game and then see if the problem persists.
  18. yeh i have already installed the old games and the windows apps such as skype photos and even the window store still wont open.... do u have any other suggestions on how to fix this??
  19. Start a new thread and then PM me with the link to it. We'll try to work it out for you but it's too confusing since there was a different OP and others have chimed in.
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