how do i transfer specific files and operating system from one hard drive to another?

I Have an old 500gb hard drive, so I've just bought a new 1tb hybrid drive. I need to transfer specific files (not all of them) and my operating system to the other drive. my hard drive has had numerous serious viruses over the 5/6 years of having it but they have been removed however I'm taking precautions and not transferring all files in case there is still a small left over virus on there.

any help is appreciated, thank you :-)
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    1. You could clone your 500gb to the 1tb and be done with it.
    But, if you think you may still harbor bad stuff, then a clean install is in order.

    2. Disconnect your 500gb drive and do a clean install of windows on the 1tb drive. If you leave the old drive connected, windows will allocate a hidden recovery partition on it, complicating it's eventual removal.
    Once windows is built, you can reattach your old drive and copy what you will from it to your new 1tb drive. Since the new registry has no knowledge about your apps, you will need to reinstall them. There may be some ways to avoid this but it is probably best to get everything on clean.
  2. The only way to "transfer" your OS to the new hard drive is to clone it, or make a system image backup (Windows 7 Backup will do it) to an external drive, then boot from the Windows install disc and do a Recover from that backup image to the new drive. Then you'd have to remove the files you don't want. However, if you're not sure what files might still be infected, you probably don't want to do this. If so, your only alternative is what geofelt advised, a clean install of Windows on the new drive.
  3. thank you so much :D i think i'll go with the first answer because i dont have a windows disc anymore :-( so i just boot both then uplug hard drive and plug it back in again, then transfer?
  4. oh wait do you mean i have to get a fresh copy of windows or can i just use the one i have?
  5. To clone, you will need a clone utility.
    Possibly the vendor of your new 1tb drive supplies a free one.
    Otherwise look for acronis true image or a similar clone utility.

    If you want to do a clean install, you should be able to download a windows iso or borrow a dvd to do the clean install. They are all the same. You will need to activate using your existing windows activation code. If you don't know it, there is a free app called magical jelly bean that will display it for you.
  6. oh thats good then! :) is it safe to do it the iso way?
  7. Yes, get an ISO of Windows 7 from Digital River, Windows 7 can burn the ISO to a DVD, then use it to re-install Windows.

    If you have Windows 7 you can make a system image from Windows Backup. I just did it for a client and it works fine. Not as nice as Acronis True Image (which I use on my computers), but it does work.
  8. oh cool thanks! can i use the iso without using a dvd or is that what is needed?
  9. _Dude_of_Rock_ said:
    oh cool thanks! can i use the iso without using a dvd or is that what is needed?

    You use the ISO to create a windows DVD.
    All such dvd's are the same with all versions of windows 7 that can be unlocked with your activation code. The dvd's differ only in 32 and 64 bit variants.
    That dvd is no good without an activation code to prevent piracy.
    But your old windows was activated and again, if you don't know the code, you can find it using the magical jelly bean app. It is a series of 5 character sets.
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