Any Enthusiasts Recommend Cases with Full Top Radiator Push-Pull Support?

Dear Tom's Hardware community,
Does anyone know any PC cases, full tower most likely, that has top push-pull radiator support? I specifically use the new Kraken X61 which is a 280 mm rad, and would love to use this with a more compatible case than the Enthoo Pro. I saw that the NZXT switch 810 supports it, and the fractal ARC XL barely gets it by, but any cases that would fit it comfortably? Thanks in advance.
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    Heaps do. Just look at the specs of any big cases.

    eg corsair 750d, coolermaster 690III, StormStryker, Sormtrooper and HAF X,
    NZXT Phantom 820,
  2. A lot of cases do (almost any with water cooling support), check the clearence between the top of the motherboard and ceiling of the case. Also mind the thickness of the radiator.
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