Wi-Fi /WiFi Card is really acting weird... Please Help!

My Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 WiFi Card on my HP 630 Notebook PC is really acting weird :??:
here is what has happened till now:

I was browsing the internet in the morning and suddenly my connection went away (It was an ADSL problem, which was fixed automatically) :D

Then after the internet came (the internet light lit on my modem) I tried to connect, but No WiFi networks found! :??:

I restarted my system, then networks were visible. :)

I tried to connect to my network, but It is showing cannot connect to this network! :??: :(

Next time I resetted WinSock Catalog (netsh winsock reset) as it was shown in another forum, and restarted my PC.

But now again - No networks found !!!

I tried to restart the WiFi, but not working :(

So please help me. My other Dell laptop and my smartphone is able to connect by WiFi. And my laptop (HP) is able to connect with ethernet.
Any help will be appreciated :)
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  1. the problem may be of Windows's wifi configuration also, maybe....
  2. Please help! Here is a screenshot of my WiFi's latest condition:

  3. By the way, my modem is D-Link 2730U ADSL2+ WiFi Adapter and I have an MTNL ADSL 4mbps broadband connection. :D
    It has no problems, I have checked with my smartphone and my other dell laptop :)
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