real world use cases that would benefit from 2 X SSD in RAID 0?

i understand that the synthetic benchmarks look good, but there's very little significant improvement in the real world. I believe, however, that there are some cases which may benefit from this speed boost.

Any idea what they might be?

Another question I have is, will there be any issue to look out for when putting 2 different branded drives (e.g. Crucial M4 128gb + Mushkin Chronos 120gb) in RAID 0? They are probably compatible - I just want to know if there's anything else I need to take note for such an arrangement.

Thank you.
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    The only reason would be to combine the space of the 2 drives. Take two 128 GB drives and combine them to 256GB. You really won't see much of a speed increase. As far as different brands, it won't matter. Just make sure that if you put any important data on the drive, that you have a backup plan in place.
  2. another question: when in RAID 0, does the failure of 1 drive kill the other drive as well (even after they are removed from the raid array?)

  3. Yes. Raid 0 offers no data redundancy, so when 1 drive fails, all the data is lost. Raid 5 offers data redundancy so if 1 drive fails, you just replace the drive, and the data ir rebuilt onto the new drive.
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