WD My Book Studio II enclosure failed, how to recover?


I'm on a Windows 8 machine and had my 2TB WD My Book Studio II with the GreenDrives fail. More specifically, the enclosure failed, disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly for some time before failing to power up entirely. I'm sure it was the enclosure itself that failed as last I had connection to the drives, they appeared healthy but I don't know what happened in the process. The drives inside were divided into a 1TB HFS half and 1TB NTFS half.

I disconnected the drives from the enclosure and got myself a new single enclosure to recover the NTFS part (the HFS half isn't so important). Lo and behold, the drive wont show at all in Windows and R-Studio is showing a lot of I/O read errors but shows one NTFS partition of 931 Gb.

R-Studio nonetheless shows some 40+ files to be recoverable (including one massive .gz file at 930 Gb) but whenever I try to recover any of it, it starts feeding me error messages that parts can not be recovered before promptly hanging.

I don't know how to recover anything from this drive, or if its even the drive itself and not the new cheap enclosure that's causing me trouble. It was almost full, probably around 850-900 Gb worth of stuff, and I would like to salvage whatever I can.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Any hard drive can fail, indeed all hard drives will fail at some point, as surely as night follows day.
    That's why keeping it's entire contents (or at least your data if it's a system drive) backed up to another drive is an absolute must.

    You've already tried what I usually suggest (new enclosure). That's the end of the line as far as I'm aware, unless you are able to afford the services of professional data recovery.
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