BIOS sees WD Green hard drive, disk management doesn't.

I have just finished building my new computer and everything is working perfectly, OS updated, all drivers updated, SSD boots up OS perfectly, but I cannot find my WD Green mechanical drive to start saving new programs such as Steam and whatnot. The BIOS sees it in the boot options but nowhere else. Also, disk management does not pick it up. Am I missing drivers? Is it faulty? I have checked all the cables, and like I said, the BIOS does recognize it... sort of. It shows in the Boot Menu, not in the Boot Priority.
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    Start -> Administration -> Computer administration -> Storage -> find your drive -> allocate it(give it a drive letter).
  2. i get to device manager but all it allows me to do is view properties, can't allocate anything
  3. ok i've located it, it's unallocated but i am unfamiliar with how to get it set up. right clicking just leads me to properties again
  4. probably should have mentioned that i'm on windows 8.1, right clicked on the unallocated box to create a "new simple drive"...

    i believe is the proper course of action lol.
  5. So everything is good? Sounds like it is at least. :p
  6. Yes, just had to know exactly what i was searching for :)
  7. Yea, sorry, I shouldn't have assumed you were on Win7, but I'm pretty new to Win8. xD But it's basically the same thing we look for.
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