Does RAM speed really affect CPU temp on an i7 4930K???

ok so i just finished my new build. went back to check ram if it was running at 1600.... in uefi bios it was only indicated to run at 1333.... so i enabled the xmp profile and sure enough the ram now runs at 1600.... after this i noticed that my cpu temps went up by 2C ....

is this normal??? ram are 4x8gb crucial ballistix tactical low profile 1.35v...
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  1. I wouldn't say it's impossible because more power = more heat. If your RAM has heat sinks why not put your finger near the RAM module and see if hot heat disperses from the RAM and then you may get an idea to see if that heat is reaching your processor heatsink.
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    You are running the memory interface 20% faster. This means 20% more power being used to distribute the memory clock across the CPU's memory controller and DRAM devices. More if the 1600MT/s XMP profile comes with a DIMM voltage bump to 1.55/1.60/1.65V.
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