Ideal Temp? CPU and GPU

I know this question is asked a ton.
Ambient temp is about 27C or 78F
My GPU after running a Just Cause 2 benchmark was about 58-60C. Card is a Radeon HD 7850
My CPU went up to about 55C. CPU is a 8-core 4Ghz FX-8350
What do you think? Doesn't seem bad to be considering the ambient temperature here, but I wouldn't call myself an expert on internal computer temperatures.
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  1. your temps are good, i have a R7 260X, also running around 60C when playing games. your CPU also, just fine. my E7500 reaches 50C, so i think you have great temps.
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    those temps for high load are fine, cpu shouldn't go above 70ºC ever, GPU could hit 80ºC without worrying about it under stress.
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