Asus Maximus VII Formula Release Date?

Anyone have any timeline other than: June as far as the new Asus Maximus VII Formula board will be released?

Any info at this point would help, getting my first build done and just got my last part, i7-4790k and am just sitting on my hands waiting for this mobo.

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  1. your best bet would be to call asus and ask them or google it. there might have been a news release of a tech page that has covered it.
  2. Won't be for awhile , and no word from ASUS.
  3. says july on their page..
  4. People keep saying "wont be for a while" Id like to know where they are getting their info because July tells me it could be any day. Assus is keeping tightlipped about it for the most part but it's supposed to be mid-late July. Lets hope for no last minute postponements
  5. At the launch of Z97, ASUS released the Gene, Hero and Ranger, with the Formula, Impact and Extreme expected in due course. Computex saw the announcement of the Impact and the Formula, although I have a feeling that the team that design the Extreme might be focusing on X99 for now.

    Initially the Formula will be available as a bundle with Watch Dogs from Newegg and Tiger Direct for $369 from next week, with a standard edition available shortly after for around $319.

    I cant believe they did not put a small removable plastic plate over the cmos battery ??????

    This is where it says NEXT WEEK :
  6. it comes with watchdog but if you only want the motherboard just wait another week
  7. Justin321321 said:
    it comes with watchdog but if you only want the motherboard just wait another week

    That they charge 50 bucks for a game that you can buy the code on ebay for 18 bucks is really bad.

    I ordered the board thinking I could sell the game. I dont care for third person shooters so I will try to
    trade my game code for Titanfall.

    The board is awesome, and I just ordered a kit to watercool the MB and CPU. Going to sell my H100i now, as
    I did not want a rad that was not made of copper. I have my 4790K OC'ed to 4.6 but with the new cooling setup
    hope to get 4.8.

    I think it will take over a month for the price to go down to 319, not just a week. time will tell.
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