BIOS does not detect Hard Drive

I shut down my PC and turned it on the next morning and it's giving me the message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media..."
I've gone into BIOS and my hard drive is not displayed in the boot options so I can't reinstall Windows 7,use my recovery disk or use partition editing softwares
I've switched ports on my motherboard
Reset the CMOS battery
Everything has failed. I have yet to test it on a different computer but if that does not work is my hard drive just dead? Are there any other things I should try before I assume this and buy a new one.
Hard drive is a Seagate Barrucuda 7200RPM 2TB Model: ST2000DM001
Motherboard is an Asus P8B75-M
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    There's a good chance your hard drive has died. How old is it? Have you changed the sata power or data leads on it recently?

    Put it in another pc and see if it's detected.
  2. Looking at what you are experiencing it is important to see if it works in another computer. It is between the drive and your motherboard most likely unless it is simply the cable.
  3. And if it is not recognized in another computer... You can proclaim it dead.
  4. Amen!
  5. Wow thanks for the quick replies. I'll try out the suggestions today. Also the drive is only about 2 years old and prior to this problem I have not touched the cables or messed with the power. I'll post my results once I've tested it on another computer and once again thanks for input everyone.
  6. Ok I've tried to use it on a different computer and after the motherboard logo it just enters a black screen with a flashing dashed line. If I try to enter setup or boot menu, the same thing happens. So then is the problem just with the hard drive?
  7. By setup, I assume you meant the BIOS? You don't need the hard drive to access it so try unplugging the hard drive and try entering the BIOS again. See if that works.
  8. I can enter the BIOS with it unplugged but can't when I boot it with the drive in. If I connected it while I'm in BIOS it isn't displayed. Same result for my main PC however I can access the BIOS while the drive is connected
  9. Are there a bootable partition in the hard drive?
  10. There should be. For 2 years I've been using it. All was fine before I shut down my computer about 3 days ago. Next morning everything is gone.
  11. Let's try something. Can you download a gparted ISO and burn it into a CD / DVD or USB. Obviously, you need a spare computer to do it. If you don't have one, ask a friend or family member. The process does not take long.

    Once you have the CD / DVD or USB, boot into it on your computer (with the hard drive plugged in). Go into the BIOS and set it to boot into the optical drive or USB. I assume that much works right? You just can't boot into the hard drive?

    Let it load. Once loaded, run the gparted program if it doesn't already run it. Select the proper drive (if it's not already defaulted to your hard drive). Then check the partition layout. Feel free to screenshot and post it here as well. If the drive is not detected or gparted cannot read it, it's dead.

    If the partition looks in-tact in gparted but you cannot boot into it, then the hard drive may be malfunctioning and you will need a new one. You can keep the hard drive for now and use either a data recovery software or mount it on a Linux machine and back up any important files to transfer back to the new drive.
  12. I actually attempted to run GParted earlier but no luck. If i remember correctly it said "The Debian has failed to boot" as well as "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" followed by multiple lines of error loading system messages (forgot the exact wording). So I think it is safe to conclude my Drive is dead. Fortunately, there weren't crucially important files on it that I hadn't already backed up. Thanks so much for the help though.
  13. That has no correlation with your hard drive. The LiveCD does not require a Hard Drive to function. What boot device did you use? USB? CD / DVD? If USB, where did you plug it into?
  14. CD. Also I meant that GParted does function. Those errors occur from running the first option, GParted Live (default settings).
  15. Oh okay. In that case, it's likely that your drive is gone. That's unfortunately. Rest in peace. :(
  16. Well it's somewhat of a relief knowing it is dead. Nothing else I can do other than buy a new drive now. Thanks a bunch
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