Seagate Back Up Plus Portable Drive neither detected nor recognized in Asus k43S Series but was recognized in other Laptop

I recently bought a Seagate Back Up Plus Portable Drive but unfortunately my personal laptop does not detect the portable drive. I notice some activity though that the portable drive is running inside but there is no light coming from the portable drive. To make sure that it is working, i plugged it to another Windows 7 laptop in our office and it id run and recognized by the laptop. I also managed to save important files from my office laptop to the drive. Please help me on finding the ways to connect it on my Asus laptop since almost all of my files were on it.
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    Some older laptops may need a mains-powered USB hub to power a portable hard drive. Example of one here:
  2. If that isn't the problem, try assigning (adding) a drive letter to it:
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